Management and Board Members

Board of Directors:

 Ken McCoy

 Patrick M. Saatzer

 Randell Young

 Jay Askari

 Majdin H. Taba

 Roger Remy


 Ken McCoy, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

 Ken Shakoori, Chief Financial Officer

 Dirk Nansen, Secretary

Ken McCoy – CEO

Mr. McCoy is an accomplished product development engineer, his company Northen Tier, Inc formed Whatcom Wood Products, LLC in Sumas WA from 2001-2003. The Partnership employed 12-14 people and ran an industrial finger joiner producing approximately 400,000 board feet per month of class 1 precision trimmed construction grade product from low grade lumber and by recycling mill end waste.  Production line efficiencies were achieved with in line inspection and culling stations, secondary value added processing by retrimming and planning and refitting older equipment with programmable logic controls.

  Ken McCoy’s has also worked with exemplary project managers or IPTs (Integrated Project Team leaders) such as Ron Gale at Lockheed Martin in Ft Worth on F-35, in the CNI (Communication Navigation Interrogation) systems antenna development, and Dave Devine at Northrop Grumann in Palmdale, CA on proprietary projects, in areas of Stress Analysis and Subsystems Integration.

 In both cases we took the project from a customer driven set of baseline system requirements and designed, qualified and delivered from the component level up.  Similarly, all components at Northen are to be qualified or verified to environmental and operational criteria; ultimately the system is operationally tested and qualified. In most cases the final product, such as an aircraft, is a culmination of multiple systems similarly qualified so that the top level system (the aircraft itself) is flight worthy.

 Ken McCoy’s background emphasis is System Integration, including the various subsystems such as electrical, mechanical, environmental and thermal dynamics. Mr. McCoy has the experience to start from the most basic Requirement Level to System Definition (Design Build) to Final Production. When top level requirements have been vague, the subsystem requirements were internally developed from a relatively generic set of external requirements.

 Developing multiple subsystems for technology that is relatively new can be a very challenging process. All decisions are required to have a valid engineering rationale and backed by substantiating documentation.

 Mr. McCoy’s extensive System Definition experience involved beginning with a conceptual design, following it with ideas about the Critical Path, Risk Mitigation and Risk Avoidance and weighing the costs against the probability of success, in building a business case for determining the path forward, as well as the more routine issues of long lead items and manpower cost and schedule. 

 A global supply chain is only as strong as its weakest supplier. Mr McCoy views the suppliers' critical path as Northen’s critical path. The Company must have insight into its suppliers’ System Definition/Design Build phase as if it were Northen’s.  Ken McCoy has worked with suppliers that have expertise well beyond that of the prime contractor in their particular specialty, and that appears to be the best justification for outsourcing.

The Company anticipates hiring a CFO to augment financial management.  Consultants are anticipated to provide specialty expertise during periods of new product development, particularly during early stages of the venture. One the fund raising team has secured sufficient capital, the vendors will likely be called to provide engineering support in defining and meeting performance specifications of their component(s).

 Ken McCoy has a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. He recognizes the commoditized aerospace market is measured in hundreds of billions globally.  The energy market, however, is tens of trillions and the next technological frontier.

Chief Financial Officer Ken Shakoori

Ken Shakoori has held C level positions since 1992 for various entities including: Brown Armstrong Accountancy Corporation he holds a PhD in Financial Economics, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts – 1981 MBA, Finance/ with extra courses in accounting and auditing, Bryant University, Smithfield, Rhode Island – 1976 BA, Accounting; Institute of Advanced Accounting 1974. Mr. Shakoori has published numerous articles concerning economics and financial management and is a member of the Examination Board for Certified Financial Planners.

Secretary Dirk Nansen 

Dirk Nansen has been practicing law in Washington state since 1978. He is licensed to practice before the Federal District Court of both Eastern and Western Washington as well as the United States Supreme Court and has substantial trial and appellate litigation experience. His practice is focused on wealth management, asset protection and estate planning. He is a member of Wealth Counsel and Wealthcounsel Advisors Forum and past president of the NW Washington Estate Planning Counsel. Through Wealth Counsel he is associated with the leaders in the estate planning field such as Tom Ray (Charitable Planning), Robert Keebler, Peter Parenti, Matt Mclintock, Lew Dimond, Carl Waldman, Stan Miller and many others who provide up to date guidance on the latest in estate planning practice as well as direct assistance when needed. This is the only Wealth Counsel affiliated office in Whatcom or Skagit County. Dirk has been General Counsel for Northen Tier, Incorporated since 2005.

Director Patrick M. Saatzer, Ph.D. 

Patrick M. Saatzer, Ph.D. Dr. Saatzer has numerous years of comprehensive aerospace industry experience, including scientific, engineering, and program management roles in the design, development and production of opto-electronic systems including: airborne surveillance and reconnaissance sensors and LIDAR systems for aerial and space platforms; Fiber-optic/LED based aircraft environmental sensor development and integration; Electro-optic and electromagnetic aircraft signature analysis; Engineering model software development and validation; and Advanced material design and production for micro-electronics and aerospace applications.

He is presently the Payload IPT lead and Chief Technologist for Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems Advanced Technology& Development Center, where he is responsible for managing the Payload Integrated Product Team on a classified UAV program, including cost (EVMS), schedule, and technical performance. Dr. Saatzer led the Northrop Grumman subcontractor team from the startup phase through CDR, and into integration testing. He staffed and organized the Payload IPT; developed requirements, detailed program plans and schedules, functioned as the key technical member for contract negotiations with customer and major subcontractors; directed R&D projects to provide alternative technology to mitigate key technical deficiencies. The payload portion of the contract has grown from about $ 200 Million to nearly $1 billion in two years.

He previously served as Director of Advanced Technology Development, reporting directly to the Sector Chief Technology Officer, developed and implemented long range technology investment plans for the Sector; led the Sectors coordination and funding review activities for University Grants and Fellowships; created a multi-sector technology plan for development of a combined UAV airborne /space sensor approach for Missile Defense; and served as a key contributing member of a special projects team for the design study of advanced UAV platforms. He led payload team in contributing to a successful competitive UAV contract acquisition selected for the NGC Chairman’s Award for 2005.

Dr. Saatzer also worked in Northrop Grumman-Space Systems Div. (Formerly Aerojet EIS) as Senior Program Manager of the Special Programs Group, preparing the remote Sensing Technology and Systems Development Study. He was the Lead Engineer for operational implementation of ground processing equipment for DSP and SBIRS data processing and fusion at Denver ADF; Program Manager for successful capture of DARPA JIGSAW (LADAR) Program; Project Manager for development of small compact LADAR sensor for use on Army Future Combat Systems; and directed classified remote sensing projects for space based sensor data exploitation and advanced data processing techniques.

Previously, Dr. Saatzer worked for Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Sector -Skunk Works

As Senior R&D Manager, where he developed and implemented business acquisition strategy for innovative flight control air data sensors resulting in the capture of a DoD contract for air data sensor evaluation. He formulated an inter-sector business development team and directed B&P efforts for capture of Low Observable Air Data Sensors for Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter (JSF); directed B&P efforts to enhance competitive position on alternative configurations for JSF; conducted technical analysis and served as a member of the flight test team to support FAA certification of ice protection systems for C130J aircraft; and developed tactical aircraft new business capture plans for the Latin American market.

Dr. Saatzer also worked as Rocket Effects Scientist/ Project Manager for the USAF Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (Now Phillips Laboratory)where he was responsible for planning, direction and implementation of R&D projects in aerothermodynamics and radiative transfer; executed long range technology Government investment plans to develop analytical software models for missile plume detection; and successfully directed the development of these models which have become industry standards and continue to be used by the DoD/Industry sensor design teams.

Dr. Saatzer served in the United States Air Force on Active Duty as 1st Lieutenant and Captain, and as USAF Reserve Officer, Final Grade; Colonel (O-6). He retired from Air Force Reserve in June 2003

Dr. Saatzer attended St. Cloud State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Comprehensive Chemistry, with a minor in Secondary Education. He attended the Anderson School of Business at UCLA, where he received a Master’s of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Technology Marketing and Finance. He received his Doctoral Degree in Chemical Physics from the University of Minnesota, with his thesis topic: Photochemical Reactions and Excited State Chemistry of Saturated Hydrocarbons.

Dr. Saatzer is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Society for Photo-instrumentation Engineers, the International Hydrogen Energy Society and the American Chemical Society. He has published eight publications in unclassified open source literature and more than thirty publications in the classified US Government literature.

Director Jay Askari, MS, MSEE 

Jay Askari currently serves as President of Newport International University. He has previously served as President and Dean of Kaplan College, as Academic Dean of Everest College and as Academic Manager at the University of Phoenix.

Mr. Askari is the former President of Advanced Projects International, a business consulting firm specializing in Middle Eastern oil exports. Clients of note have included Norinco, a Chinese shipping company; Gulf Group, a Cypress-based trading company; Asia Pacific Resources, a petroleum export financing concern based in Singapore; and oil exporters Atlantic Oil Holdings (UK) and OIEC (Iran).

Mr. Askari has been recognized eight times as the Faculty of the Month and is the 2002 recipient of the Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award at the University of Phoenix. He is the 2005 winner of the President Club Award from Kaplan College and the 1998 winner of the Volunteers of America Leadership Award. He holds a lifetime Community College Credential from the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.

Jay Askari earned a bachelor of science (BS) in mathematics and a master of science (MS) in industrial technology and management from Eastern Michigan University and a master of science in electrical engineering (MSEE) from Wayne State University. He has completed all required coursework and is in the process of completing his thesis for a doctorate (Ph.D.) in organizational management at the University of Phoenix.

Director Majdin H. Taba, Ph.D. 

Dr. Majdin H. Taba is the President of International Research Institute, an entity he established to conduct scientific research and surveys for clients in various industries. Using the latest technology driven platforms for market surveys, the firm researches customer bases to identify client expansion and growth areas. The firm also specializes in developing SWOT analysis and Strategic Planning with the specific goals and implementation processes.

Dr. Taba was previously the Principal of Management Services, where he worked with companies to select suppliers and vendors for their products around the world. The firm applied technical and analytical tools, business operations techniques, and strategic planning principles to develop the supplier chains for clients, as well as conducting evaluations of suppliers’ strength, weaknesses and core competencies in their areas of expertise.

Previously, Dr. Taba was the Chief Technical Officer of Olivie of America, where he continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Olivie is a heavy construction machineries company; established in California to expand the Latin American market of the construction industries. Dr. Taba developed the technology requirements and Website as an introductory vehicle to the market, as well as a marketing, customer service, procurement and client service platform. As a member of the Board of Directors he continues to participate in overall business reviews, strategy and business operations outcomes.

Dr. Taba was also previously a Principal of Management Services, where he conducted management reviews for businesses in strategic management, Project and Technology Management, Customer Services and Quantitative Analysis; a Project and Quality Manager for CALCOMP – A Lockheed Company. Where he managed, developed and implemented Business projects, schedules, control phases, functions, resources and budgets for projects and department.

Dr. Taba holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Science Industrial Engineering from the Technology and Science Institute in Tehran, Iran, a Master’s of Science degree in Quality Systems from the University of Dallas in Texas, and a Ph.D. in Management Science and Economics from Dubna International in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Taba has also completed post graduate studies in Operations and Business Management at Walden University, Quality Technology Administration at Linkoping University in Sweden and Pre MBA in Business Administration at the University of Dallas in Texas.

Director Randell Young, D.Mus. 

Randell Young is the co-founder and Managing General Partner of Venture-Net Partners, a business development and consulting group which includes special limited partners Uriel Sokolov, MBA, Ph.D., a former Senior Fellow and Vice President of Raytheon Commercial Ventures; and Professor Eli Talmor, Ph.D., of London Business School who also currently serves as Academic Director of the Private Equity Research Institute.

Dr. Young has previously served as Chief Financial Officer for Web portals, Inc. and, Inc. and participated actively, as an officer and/or director, in the capitalization and development of numerous other projects including Accuray Incorporated (ARAY), the world leader in stereotactic radiosurgery; Home Shopping Latino, Inc., (HSPG) developers of America's first Spanish language shopping channel; Synodon, Inc., (SYD) developers of innovative pipeline surveillance technologies; Telephony International, Inc., a joint venture with Lucent Technologies; Vista Consolidated, Inc., a manufacturer of utility truck covers; and The Orange County Blues Festival, Inc.

A founder and former Orange County Chapter Chair of Boone Pickens' United Shareholders Association, Dr. Young has represented shareholders and, on their behalf, addressed the annual meetings of Northrup Corporation, Allergan, National Education Corporation, Community Psychiatric and Southern California Edison. Private equity partners of note have included Euro-America Partners; Jacques Vallee; Fred Adler; Al Shugart; Jay Keyworth; Copernic Technologies; ZLUH Partners; Good Samaritan Health System/Health Advantage Ventures; Pacific Republic Capital; Fernando Quinonez Meza, H-Quotient; Lucent Technologies; and The Marubeni Group.

Dr. Young has lectured at the graduate level on contemporary issues in venture capital at The University of Phoenix and holds a doctorate in music (D.Mus.) from City University Los Angeles. His Venture Capital Primer has been used by McGraw Hill's On Line Learning Center in support of its textbook Principles of Corporate Finance, Sixth Edition (Brealey& Myers) and by Harvard University in support of KSG PED-328 Community Financial Institutions and Microfinance in Theory and Practice.

He has been the subject of interviews and articles appearing in the Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register and the Orange County Metropolitan. His commentaries and essays have been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Orange County Business Journal, The Baltimore Sun and Inc. Magazine. His public equities market analyses and predictions can be found at The Motley Fool where his All-Star-rated portfolio (PauvrePapillon) has consistently placed in the top one percent of all prognosticators since August 2007, a span now exceeding 32 consecutive months.

Currently, he serves on the boards of directors of Colossal Storage Corporation, developers of atomic holographic optical storage nanotechnology; Sprague Astronautics, developers of private space vehicles; America's Hunting Network, developers of the Internet's first virtually-integrated hunting portal; and Home Shopping Latino, Inc., (HSPG).

Director Roger Remy, PhD   

Roger Remy, a French national was admitted into the United States as an alien of extraordinary abilities in the domain of sciences by the U.S. Department of Justice. According to the U.S. Department of State, this is a special category of visa reserved only for those “who have risen to the very top of their field in the domain of sciences”.

  Dr. Remy is the former president of Aerospace Consulting Group, an Abbuquerque, New Mexico based concern engaged in plasma engineering for advanced propulsion systems and the neutralization of highly toxic military grade radioactive material.  He has also served as vice president of South Oil, Technologies, a research and development unit of South Oil, Inc.

  Dr. Remy holds several patents and has been awarded numerous NASA grants with respect to his research. He has also received numerous substantial grants by the Defense Nuclear Agency to work with the U.S. National Laboratories to further develop high temperature plasma confinement technologies.  Dr. Remy has entered into and completed numerous Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with te U.S. Air Force and sandia National Laboratories and served as a team member with the U.S. national Guard working towards counter proliferation and weapons of mass destruction readiness.